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"Ali Invents the Double-Clutch Shuffle, 1966" - Printed Aluminum Panel

"Ali Invents the Double-Clutch Shuffle, 1966" - Printed Aluminum Panel

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"Ali Invents the Double-Clutch Shuffle", LIFE Magazine study, December 1966: Muhammad Ali, ready for battle on the eve of his title defence against Ernie Terrell, demonstrates his characteristic footwork, which he called double-clutch, in this multiple exposure sequence devised by Neil Leifer. A few months earlier, the champion unveiled this new move from his repertoire at the Tonight Show, where he whispered to Johnny Carson: "I have a secret weapon. I'm going to call it a double-clutch shuffle". "It was like I wasn't in front of a camera with an audience watching," says Leifer. An unmistakable element of her repertoire, this footwork would be called Ali Shuffle.

Exclusive edition of 40 copies signed by Neil Leifer.

Signature, title, date and number on the label on the back.

Printed on ChromaLuxe aluminium panels using the sublimation technique.

Two panels ready to hang, each 80 x 165 cm.

Sent by Editorial Taschen

Neil Leifer

Cost of delivery to any point on the peninsula and most countries in Europe: 50 euros. Delivery time from 10 to 12 days.

Firm purchase, NO RETURNS ADMITTED, except for panels received damaged or sent in excess by mistake (to be communicated within a maximum period of one week from receipt).

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