Scharlau Ecological Backpack

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This backpack is part of the circular economy, as it is made of fabric made from plastic bottles. It is 100% recycled PET. We recover waste and transform it into an elegant line of articles for daily use.

It has an elegant metal plate engraved with your name and telephone number inside. You will feel that your SCHARLAU article really belongs to you. And if you lose it, you can easily be contacted. If you prefer, you can add an inspiring quotation or a word that has special meaning for you.

It allows you to carry a laptop of up to 15.5" safely and has enough space for A4 documents and all kinds of accessories. It is perfect for both men and women, thanks to its unisex size, very light weight and elegant silver zips.

  • 2 spacious main compartments
  • A reinforced compartment for a 15.6" computer, Adapter to which a portable mobile phone charger is connected
  • 2 adjustable back handles
  • Hand grip
  • Back breathable padding
    Silver zippers
  • Colours Black / Blue
  • Dimensions: 16 x 45 x 33 cm
    Weight: 927 g
  • Main material: PET 100% recycled
  • It has an elegant metal plate inside, on which your name and/or telephone number can be engraved. If you are interested, indicate the text to be engraved on the payment screen, in the box "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE SELLER".

    If you choose to customise the plate, this product will not be returned.